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faghagz's Journal

We Love Gay Men
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All Members , Moderated
Are you a straight/bi/gay female who just loves the company of Gay men? Just because they are just the sweetest men of them all! Join up!

Things we'd love to see
-Lots of pictures of your fagz(behind Lj-cut if you need help ask a mod)
-Lots of stories about you and your fagz

No bashing or hurtful things will be said to any memeber. Off topic entires will be deleted.

All promotion for anything (other communities) MUST be approved by a mod. If they are not, it will be deleted and you will have a warning.

Just have fun gals!!

Your mods:

"A fag hag is a woman who prefers the company of gay men. The marriage of two derogatory terms, fag and hag, symbolizing the union of the world's most popular objects of scorn, homosexual and woman, creates a moniker that most of those who wear it find inoffensive, possibly because it smacks of solidarity." - Margaret Cho

"I love the word 'faggot' because it describes my kind of guy! You see, I am a fag hag. Fag hags are the backbone of the gay community. Without us, you're nothing! We have been there all through history guiding your sorry ass down the underground railroad! ... We went to the prom with you!" - Margaret Cho

(((((If this at all offends anyone, please know that this isn't at all about hate.)))))

FagHagz Are Love ~ Join Now!

Marriage is love.