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*steps up to pedistool looks left and right*

Hello. My Name is Gina. And I am a Fag Hag, Fruit fly, rainbow accessory, sweetheart sister. *breathes a sigh of relief*

I am a rainbow child, and I lead the parade for all those who love.

My best gal friend, which I leave name anonymous, has the same infectious need of hovering about with homosexual men.

And for a point we wondered if something was wrong with us. Because the only men we tend to find were either married or gay. And they tend to always be the really awesome guys.

I've given up the soulmate searching at the gay bars, and I just travel my roads to life with the people I love most. Which consists quite a few homosexual men and women. (Mostly men). I still think its weird that 1 of every 10 people are gay because I see them everywhere. Theres only like .64% gay people in Kansas and I know over 40 of them. Its like DING gay boy DING gay boy DING gay girl.

I don't think this is a burden by any means. I'm mostly amused and contented in what life has and is bringing me. And I love my gay friends a lot.

Ifeel they deserve just the same quality of life as a heterosexual. Prince/princess charming, lovely wedding, several kids a long lifetime of comradity and love all around. We may feel that a murderor is a sinner but we don't prevent he or she from getting married if they are straight. How about people who commit abortion? Isn;'t "that wrong" too? Well they get to marry too if their straight. *shakes head* It doesn't make since to me.

I love my gay boyfriends, Coin operated boy.. AH - AH - AH!
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